Entry #1

New Series (kinda)

2017-04-02 01:30:37 by noerzzz

So, i've had a bit of free time over the past week, and i've uploaded some animations in said week. I decided after some thinking that i should create a webseries, but i don't want to start to big, as those projects tend to fail. I have decided on a series, and it's name is "noerzzz cartoons". (I know so original). I thought about having a show with actual episodes but i want to start smaller and work my way up. I just released the first episode, and it's less than a minute. I am still proud of it, as it's better than my previous work. I want the next episode to be a bit longer, preferably around the 2 minute mark. Also some updates, I will now be uploading on YouTube, as well as my own site very soon.


You will be able to get constant updates on my twitter, (https://twitter.com/noerzzz04), as well as some updates on my YouTube channel

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