Entry #2

A few updates

2017-05-25 23:00:37 by noerzzz

I feel i've really been neglecting newgrounds lately, and i thought i'd re-post dome stuff i've made while i was away. Most of it is available on youtube or noerzzz.com, as they're MP4 or AVI's, but i'll post em here. Also, i'll probably be switching to MP4 files instead of SWF, to make it more convenient to post both on YouTube, noerzzz.com and newgrounds. Also in recent news, i have joined AfterCredits Creations, and plan on helping animate some stuff, so you should go over to aftercredits.trigex.net and see some stuff in the near future.

thanks for sticking with and stuff, i know i don't upload much but i'm trying to get back into it.


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